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I am Nikki. c:
This is my art blog because deviant is too much work.
But that's nikkified too.

Stuff I might submit here: neopets, avatar, pokemon, animal crossing, video game things.

I'm also l3lo0 on Neopets, I have a poopy neoblog I never update.


    *devil appears on your shoulder* hey man….why even bother with lineart….just clean up the sketch….no one has to know…..

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    I just wanted to say hi and thank you to all of my new followers c:!
    It’s kind of overwhelming, I didn’t expect such interest in my random doodles. So thank you guys!

    This isn’t really a giveaway but please feel free to put your favorite villager (or maybe your pet on Neo?) in my ask box, and I’ll draw a few random ones from there (ones that I probably wouldn’t have drawn otherwise) over the next few days!

    PS: Super cuuute post inc!

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